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Client Testimonials

  • "Just wanted to let you know that our hot water recirculation pump has really added to our enjoyment of our new tankless water heater. It's amazing how quickly we get hot water at the tap now that we don't have to heat up the whole header each time. It's so much more convenient not to have to wait for the shower to get warm or to get hot water for dishes in the kitchen. We've also been able to put a freezer and extra storage into the space freed up in the utility room by the removal of the hot water tank. A benefit all round." - Frank and Peggy
  • "Knowledgeable, professional, friendly service, and a job well done and on time. A pleasant experience." - Richard, Elkford, BC
  • "We appreciated the efficiency and good work done by your company when you installed a new furnace for us. The furnace is so much quieter than what we had and our energy usage has gone down. Thanks again." - Paul and Kay
  • "The furnace we purchased from you is working very well and the installation seems great. No problems, thank you." - Irene Eagles, Fernie, BC
  • "I noticed a great difference right away - no more hot and cold spots in the house but a nice even heat anywhere I was in the house. It was also so much quieter. I didn't know how bad the old furnace was until we got the new efficient one! The men were also very nice." - Jean and Ephraim, Elkford, BC

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